The differents levels and the gdd

Here is my contribution. I designed and I typed the GDD of the game and also I am in charge of designing the levels of the game. 

Just to remind what the mechanics of the game are: the player will click on the pawn and will move it with the W, A, S and D keys.  When the 3 balls of the right colors are on the right path, the path closed. The goal of the game is to put all the pawns in the right color path.

The game will have 4 levels. All of them will have a timer. First of all : The simple level, where we will have the pawns that have to put in the right path color. In the second level, the pawns will be added progressively which means that one pawns will be added and after that the player placed it in the right path color, two will be added. And then 3 and 4 until all the pawns are in the game.  For the fourth level,  all the game will be in the dark and the light of the game will be given by the ball. In this case, the player will not know which path is which color. He or she will have to move the ball in the right path to know which one is the good one and he will need to use his memory because as soon that the ball is in the good path, everything get dark again.

In the first three levels, there will be a timer and the player will have to solve the puzzle before the time finished.

In this last level, the pawns will be added progressively just like in the second level but this time bombs will be implemented in the game. The bombs will explode if the player manipulate them too much. For this level, there won’t be any timer.  The player will have to make the bomb explode inside the grey path, which is the one used to keep balls in the game. The player will have the chance to touch them only 3 times. If after those 3 times the ball is outside of the grey path the player will lose a life. For this level, 3 lives are given.

For this week I was focusing on making an original GDD and to make it looks good.


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