Final Devlog

For this devlog, I was focusing on work about the neon colors and to make the background black as possible.

I was thinking about giving a different color to the floor but I did not decide yet which one it will be. 

With more details, I created a new shadow in the unity project folder where I paste the code that is in the GDD. After that, i downloaded some free image effect from the asset store and inserted a script, called "Bloom"  in the main camera, that allows me to increase the intensity of the colors on the game view. 

The platform that is divided in several asset in unity, is modifiable and I had to create 4 new materials for the 4 different paths. I also created a black one for the ground and the platform, and a white one for the cylinder. Those have less intensity than the others. 

We decided that all the game will be in the dark and the lighting source in the game would be the path and the balls. So we decided to delete the directional light. 

 When I identify the right material to the right asset in the game, I just had to change the properties of the material from default to glow. After that the colors became neon and like seen on the picture they give there own light.

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